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The 2012 Project

Six friends hunker down in the woods of West Virginia to confront the potential end of days.


A film by Marcus Ricci


The 2012 Project is the story of six friends who decide to confront the possible end of the world, together. At a remote cabin in West Virginia, they prepare for the impending apocalypse, prophesied by the Mayans to occur on December 21, 2012, and band together to face a cold, uncertain future; in turn, they begin to question what’s truly important about their lives. Filmed in a combination of styles including self-shot video diaries by the cast, cinema verite, iPhone footage and more, the 2012 Project is a heartfelt, whimsical, and unique experience about how preparing for the worst can bring out the best in people.


Featuring Catherine Brookman, Rakesh Baruah, Megan Rose Greene, Emma Jaster, Matt Pearson and Victor Mazzone

Produced by Soo Kim and Marcus Ricci

Edited by Soo Kim, Cinematography and music by Marcus Ricci

Directed by Marcus Ricci

To view The 2012 Project, contact Marcus

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